Round 14 Marby Away

Round 14 Pascoe Vale 13.14 92 def Marby Park 11.9 75

The plan was simple; return to our pressure game, heat the ball carrier, locate quickly and spread the ball. All key principles in what has made us a competitive and tough team to score against.

From the bounce we saw a different mindset than last week which allowed us the control the contest early and get an early lead. Although at quarter time we were only up by a point, the coaching group was happy with the intent. The coaching group was not impressed with our execution of some of our groups pre planning and the lack of communication on the ground around this. We must continue to strive to get better at executing our plans.

The game as a whole was not a great spectacle due to the high number of turnovers from both teams and neither team being able to capitalise on those with scores. The team was extracting the ball well from stoppages but not linking up well to exit the stoppage and put ourselves in a position where we could use the ball effectively going forward. Our forward entries needed work and that was due to the fact that many entries were under pressure.

At three quarter time, the margin was only 3 points and the group was challenged to raise the effort ,execution and finishing bar and that is what we got . We started to tackle and pressure with real intent, keep the ball inside 50 and structure up well behind the ball. We started to get re-entries into our 50 which resulted in shots on goal. Our pressure inside 50 was at the best it has been for the year. We also changed up our forward line structure and it allowed for a quicker, more dynamic set up which resulted in our smalls kicking multiple goals. Great to see Cellini, Cauchi, Gregory, Forbes and even Hemala drifting forward to all get shots on goal. Our mid pressure lifted and the voice of Soncin pushed our group to victory.

Pleasing response


Digby Morrell