Round 13 Strathmore at Home

Round 13 Strathmore 14.15 99 def Pascoe Vale 4.3 27

We spoke as a group during the week about how important this game was to Strathmore and how it could heavily influence our and their year. We spent time talking about the way Strathmore move the ball and the requirement to locate and pressure the ball kicker. Going into the game we thought the boys were ready for the game and up to the challenge of executing the plan.

Unfortunately the intensity and effort from the start of the day till the end were not at a level which could influence Strathmore or change the flow of the game. To Strathmore’s credit they came out with a fierce attack on the ball, a willingness to work for each other and a game style which was difficult to stop once they had their confidence up. In the second term we managed to start to get our hands on the ball but our lack of intensity to spread the ball, move out of space or actively work with each other influenced our ability to score.

At the end of the game, our players and coaches were frustrated and disappointed with their performance and were challenged by the coaching group to look at their own performance, the performance of their sector and the team. Asked to hold each other accountable for our standards and what we as a group wanted to stand for.

In reflecting, our group had been up playing great footy for 6 or 7 weeks and this was their let down. Not excusable but knowing what our group is made of, I’m sure we will get the response in the next few weeks that will show that this week was a blip on the radar. Our efforts throughout the year have been very consistent and although embarrassing we have faith and belief in this group


Digby Morrell