Round 12 Keilor at Home

Round 12 Keilor 13.18 96 def Pascoe Vale 13.9 87

In another week where the game was going to be played in one half, we came in with a concrete plan to play in two ways. The wind was howling down the ground towards the city end and was worth around 6 goals.

In the first quarter we fought hard and worked well as a group to defend kicking into the wind. The attack from Keilor was relentless and they kicked 4 .9 to keep us in the game. We managed to scrounge out one goal into the wind. In the second it was our turn to utilise the wind. Early on we blazed away a bit and that allowed their extra to mark and rebound the ball. Once we adjusted and started to open up the stoppages inside 50 we managed to kick 7 goals 4. Our mids and half backs were setting up well behind the ball allowing us some multiple entries. Hemala ,Stillman, Foster, were controlling the game but we still allowed 2 goals into the wind leaving us with a 6 point lead at half time.

We spoke at half time about staying calm and the that Keilor would kick multiple goals during the quarter regardless of how well we played. We needed to control the ball when we had it, work well to block and isolate when possible. Although we defended well, Keilor kicked 7 goals 10 points to lead by 6 goals at three quarter time.

In the last quarter we managed to whittle the margin down to 16 points with 15 minutes to play through using run and carry, shorter hit up kicks and time inside the forward 50. From the fifteen minute mark we started to rush the play, kick the ball too long and not shut down their marking players when they exited from the back 50. The effort and intensity was there, we just needed to think our way through the scenario’s a little better and required our on field leaders to communicate to set that up. We ended up going down by 9 points and although disappointed in the result our group will learn a huge amount from the game.



Digby Morrell