Round 6: Glenroy Away

Round 6 Pascoe Vale 10-17 -77 drew Glenroy 12-5 – 77

In reflecting on the game, a frustrating game but one which will provide a huge learning curve for the group. The coaching group can see that the key fundamentals of our game plan and game style are being executed well for most parts of the game. It is the smaller aspects of the game which we still need to work on. Ultimately in games, both teams have the control for periods of time and it’s the team that can best capitalise on their time that will win the game. Glenroy definitely did this on the weekend and to their credit they hung in there better than we did, when we had control.

In reviewing the game, the centre clearance are becoming a key element of who controls the game. The first half we controlled the centre and even if we lost the clearance, we pressure the kick so our back six could intercept mark or halve the contest. In the third we lost the clearance and couldn’t pressure the ball putting our back six under pressure. Our back six, even though under severe pressure lost a bit of defensive structure, positioning and control of the ball when in our hands. A great lesson to remain focussed, calm and still be able to communicate when under siege.

Our mids need to improve on gaining restarts and slow playing the opposition where they can, we also need a better team focus on how we respond to these scenarios and that is something we as a group will be working on. Our forward group worked well on the back of loads of forward 50 entries in the first half but lacked the finishing skills to punish the opposition. Constant movement is required and an ability to absorb some time in the forward half, especially when the group is under pressure.

From a pleasing point of view, our ability to readjust after the 3rd quarter time and work back into the lead. It shows when we remain focussed on what we stand for and execute the skills required we can re shape games when required. We had 49 forward 50 entries for 27 shots which was effective but our conversion (27 shots to 17) was poor.

I think we will look back at this game as one which can define our season

The Coach

Digby Morrell