Round 5: Marby at Home

Round 5 Pascoe vale 13.15 93 defeated Marbi Park 6.3 39

A game in two halves,

The first half the midfield pressured the ball making the Marbi Park team kick the ball long and high. This allowed for our backs to control the air and rebound the ball into attack. We attacked through the middle of the ground and had plenty of run and carry. The game took a bit to get going but once halfway through the quarter ticked over the boys put their foot down. We continue to attack on the back of our defence and we soon smashed on 7 goals to 1 in the first quarter. Archer, Cauchi and Cellini all working hard and getting reward inside 50.

The second quarter although not as comprehensive on the scoreboard was still very pleasing. We controlled all aspects of the game and on the back of Boyd and Stredwick in the ruck, our midfielders clearing the ball and the back half controlling their one on one contests. We kept lowering our eyes when going forward and even if we didn’t mark it there was pressure on the exit kick. Apart from Allan being tunnelled and falling heavily in the first half, our progression was pleasing.

At half time, we spoke about maintaining our level, keeping the opposition to a minimal score and continuing to work on playing within our structures. This did not happen during the third quarter with us too often being slow to press up to our opponent, lacked imagination when moving the ball and kicking the ball long and slow into the forward 50 to normally a 2 v 1 contest. The coaching group was frustrated at three-quarter time and challenged the group to uphold our standards, challenge each other on the field and overall, push harder to meet our KPI’s .

Although the group didn’t get the scoreboard dominance in the last quarter with 1 goal 7 points we started to work our way back into the game and control the areas that matter. In what will be a great learning game for the group, the coaching group is happy to be 3-2 at the break.

The Coach

Digby Morrell