Round 17: Glenroy at Raeburn Rerserve

With two games left and the slim chance to play finals still on the table, we had to take control of what we can control as a group  and let other results take care of themselves. In the last few games our starts have been a little reactive so message to get off to a fast start and kick the first goal was loud and clear. We knew Glenroy were coming to get a big scalp and after the last battle they were going to throw everything at us.

The weather was going to make the game interesting -  these were tricky conditions. As planned, the midfield were switched on ready to go. Giles Guest and Craig Anderson combined straight out of the centre and into our forward line with a snap on goal from Jake Polizzi to finish. Like last week's game, our conversion in the first quarter was disappointing kicking six goals five, missing the opportunity to really put the scoreboard pressure on and deflate Glenroy’s confidence.

With their backs against it and the weather turning ugly we gave Glenroy some breathing room.  They went into defence mode and we took too long to adjust, trying to play pretty football. Over using the ball caused costly turnovers and conversion once again letting us down. We had most the play for the quarter but couldn’t finish the work. Glenroy on the other hand made the most of their limited opportunities and kicked two goals to come in at half time with confidence of a chance to bridge the score.

Half time was a great opportunity to reassess and refocus the group on the task ahead. So far we had the majority of the play and there were some positive passages of play that lead to us scoring. We just had to tidy up some skill errors and be ready to get off to a flying start in the second half. Bevan Newell and Paul Bunn were terrific in shutting down their key forwards,  limiting any major influence they could have in the game. It was going to be a great test for each of them to keep this going for the rest of the game.

The mids got off to a great start with Michael and Ben Ross linking up well, creating havoc and moving the ball swiftly into our forwards. Again we had all the momentum but didn’t capitalise on the chance to really ice the game with conversion in front of goals letting us down . We finished the the third quarter another six goals seven but we were on top and there were some great passages of play unfolding.

One more quarter to go. We wanted a four quarter effort from the group. The mids had been great so we were asking for just one more. Glenroy came out for one last attack but our playing group responded and finished off the game strong, the conditions turned foul but we played out the task at hand working hard into a tough breeze to have our best quarter in front of goals kicking six goals two and finishing off the game.

Unfortunately other results didn’t go our way and the feeling in the rooms after a very solid win was a little bitter. Looking at the game and the conditions at hand, we had passages of play where the ball movement was as good as it has been all year. The main thing enjoyment on the guys faces while playing together and finishing off what we now know as our second last game for the season.

Next week: West Coburg at City Oval

This week we play West Coburg at Coburg City Oval - unfortunately our last game for the year!

West Coburg are coming out to save their spot in Premier Division so will be looking for an upset. We are looking to finish our season on a high and take this momentum into the 2019 season. It would be great to have all our loyal supporters down to watch our final game in our 100th year.

Final score: Pascoe Vale 19.18-132 | Glenroy 8.6-54    

Goal Kickers: J. Polizzi 3, J. Boyd 3, E. Ogden 2, M. Watson 2, M. Ross 2, B. Inglis 2, D. Harris 2, J. Cellini, D. Soncin, B. Ross
Best Players: C. Anderson, S. Caruso, J. Boyd, J. Polizzi, B. Newell, B. Inglis