Round 8: Glenroy at Sewell Reserve

Pascoe Vale and Glenroy haven’t lined up for a contest since 2011, the year we were elevated to Premier Division so this was a long anticipated meeting. With Glenroy coming off a 125 point loss to Keilor the week prior, we knew they would be looking to redeem themselves. But in the end it was another great day for the club with all senior teams coming out on top. We planned for Glenroy playing a tough brand of football and knew that we couldn’t allow them to get first use of the ball: they have some really dangerous forwards, who, if given the opportunity, will make us pay.

The first quarter started shaky and was a fast flowing shootout with whoever went inside 50 scoring but that not the way we train or game style we want to be known for. We knew what they would do and it took too long in the first quarter to settle the game and get onto our terms. Matthew Watson, like he has in most games this year, got us off to a good start. In contrast to the previous week, our conversion in front of goal from all forwards was a real positive, kicking five goals straight to finish the quarter.

The key messages in the huddle at the end of the first quarter, were that our balance around stoppages was missing and our backs were being too reactive.  We had to get our team defense in the forefront and win first ball in the stoppage. The mids started to gather momentum and for second game in a row, Ben Ross was shaking his tag and helping the group have more of an impact, while Matty Watson was becoming a handful for Glenroy’s defence. After a lengthy break on the sidelines Gav Urquhart was building into a big game, breaking the lines and with every touch providing scoring opportunities and personally impacting the scoreboard.

We really started to fire in the last half, gathering momentum out of the middle with Giles Guest, Jesse Boyd and Dean Soncin having an influence, and the big ground starting to play in our favor allowing us to get our ball movement flowing. Our third quarters have let us down this year so it was great to see the group respond and pile on six goals to one. As a group this year, we have proved that we are running out games well and once again this was evident with the team kicking eight goals to finally put the foot down. Gav Urquhart’s game was outstanding, with 30 disposals and kicking six, while Matty Watson showed why he is one of the best forwards in the competition finishing with nine and leading the EDFL goal kicking.

During the week we changed a few structures around our defence so we knew this could be an area of vulnerability, but when we got it right it worked well. Our location in defense is getting better and once again, if we get this balance right we could be very hard to score against. Our ball movement is becoming instinctive among the group and a huge weapon, making it hard for opposition to defend.

Next week: Heritage Round - West Coburg at Raeburn Reserve

This week we play West Coburg. There is a long history between our two clubs and every game is played in a tough contest. We know that they will come for a contest and challenge us until the final siren so we must be ready for the fight.  After a week off to freshen up we must make sure we pick up where we left off as we don’t want another shootout. Back to our home of Raeburn reserve looking for six in a row and our second win at home for the season so all you Panther faithful we want you there cheering the boys home.

Final Score: Glenroy 9.11-65 to Pascoe Vale 24.10-154
Goal Kickers: M. Watson 9, G. Urquhart 6, J. Boyd 2, D. Harris 2, D. Soncin, J. Polizzi, J. Cellini, B. Ross, M. Ross
Best Players: G. Urquhart, M. Watson, P. Veszpremi, B. Ross, D. Soncin, K. Hardingham

Kyle Hardingham