Round 1: Aberfeldie at Clifton Park

Abers again showed why they are the team to beat with their senior players standing up and taking the opportunity when the victory was in the balance in the dying minutes of the game.

We went in with a emphasis of getting off to a fast start and not allowing Abers to play uncontested football. The first quarter went exactly to plan with a 5 goal to 1 start. In the second quarter, the momentum shifted and so did our defensive pressure allowing Abers to play their brand of football. After half time it was a arm wrestle all the way to the final siren with the lead changing three times in the last minutes of the game and Aberfeldie having the final say.

We controlled so much of the game - it was ours to lose. Costly turnovers and inaccuracy in front of goals hurt us in the end. Our inability to locate the opposition and stop their uncontested possession in the second quarter really played the game right into their hands and out of ours. Abers are a well drilled side and that showed as they kept a level head and stepped up when needing to secure victory.

Coming away from the first game with just a two point loss to the reigning premiers gives us great insight and confidence. While some of our key players are still finding their feet, this game gave a sneak peak of what the group will be able to achieve as they play together and build that chemistry. For now it’s back to the training track with a huge focus on defensive location and our different styles of ball movement.

Looking to next week: Keilor at home

This week we meet Keilor for our first home game of the season - a well coached side with a dangerous forward line. They too are coming off a loss in round one so, like us, will be hungry for a win and to get their season going. Again, our focus to get off to a fast start and get the game on our terms early.

It would be great to see all the Panther faithful out in force and support the team to bring home the 4 points.

Final score: Aberfedlie 12.9.-81 def Pascoe Vale 11.13.79
Goal Kickers: P. Veszpremi 2, D. Petrone 2, M. Watson 2, B. Inglis 2, D. Soncin, J. Polizzi, L. Hansen
Best Players: L. Foster, C. Anderson, B. Inglis, K. Hardingham, M. Watson, P. Veszpremi

Other results from the weekend's games

Reserves - Abers 15.15-165 Pascoe Vale 2.3-15

Under 19.5s - Abers 14.11-95 Pasoce Vale 2.7-19

Senior Women - Pascoe Vale 13.20-98 Sunbury 0.2-2

Under 11

Div 2 - Taylors Lakes 2.5-17 v Pascoe Vale 7.3-45

Div 5 East Sunbury 5.10-40 v Pascoe Vale 2.1-13

Div 8 Pascoe Vale 2.0-12 v East Keilor 3.6-24 

Girls Pascoe Vale 0.0-0 v Aberfeldie 17.12-144

Under 13

Div 2 Pascoe Vale 13.12-90 v 3.6-24 

Div 6 Taylors Lakes 5.4-34 v Pascoe Vale 10.3-63

Under 15 Div 2 Pascoe Vale 10.8-68 v Glenroy 10.6-66

Under 17

Div 1 Pascoe Vale 4.1-25 v Strathmore 12.8-80

Div 4 Keilor Park 22.12-144 v Pascoe Vale 4.5-29

Under 18 Girls  Pascoe Vale 9.9-63 v Aberfeldie 2.0-12