Round 2: Keilor at Raeburn Reserve

On a day where winter came early blowing a gale straight down the ground, it was the team willing to put their body over the ball and win the contests that was going to be rewarded. We welcomed under 19, Ali Ahmad for his first senior game for the club, rewarding for a great pre-season with a guernsey.

Pascoe Vale won the toss and we chose to go with the wind. We knew it was going to be important to get on top early and use the wind to our advantage. Unfortunately we didn't capitalise on this, and credit to Keilor who set up well to limit our scoring opportunities.

Our ball movement in the first quarter played completely to Keilor's advantage, kicking the ball straight into the hands of their spare defenders and allowing them to control the ball from there. Undisciplined actions inside Keilor's forward line gave them easy goals on a day where every six points was going to be vital. Similar to last week, our second quarter was disappointing with our mids not adapting to the conditions, finding themselves flat footed and second to the ball. Keilor spread from the stoppages with intent and got the ball going forward, putting our defenders under immense pressure all day. If it wasn’t for Luke Foster and his ability to intercept the ball, Keilor would have been further in front at the half time siren.

After half time the game was even, the only difference being Keilor converted goals and Pascoe vale didn’t. Kristian Economou and Dean Galea had great battle but with the amount of ball coming in meant Galea was able to get on top and impact the scoreboard in the end.

After reviewing the game, we didn’t have many chances to play our brand of attack. For most part of the day we were second to the ball and needing to attack from deep in defence. Wet weather football is won at the contest and plans almost always go out the window. The team that has hunger and desire for the contest will come out on top.

It was a disappointing day, but we will re-group and focus on the areas that lacked against Keilor. The beauty of football is that there is another week to redeem ourselves and that will be our goal. Our forward line is new and still finding that 'click' and our mids will be working harder then ever to find that balance of attack and defence which is required on game day.

Looking to next week - Strathmore

This week we come up against our rivals from across the creek in what should be an absolute thriller. Strathmore has a dynamic midfield group so ours need to come ready for the challenge to help us secure the four points come the final siren.

Final score:  Pasoce Vale 7.13-55 v Keilor 13.8-86
Goal Kickers: P. Veszpremi 2, M. Watson 2, L. Hansen, S. Allan, M. Ross
Best Players: L. Foster, K. Hardingham, S. Allan, P. Bunn, M. Watson, S. Caruso


Other results in Round 2

Roxburgh Park 0.0-0 v Senior Women 15.24-114

Under 19.5  3.3-21 v Keilor 11.11-77

Reserves 6.8-44 v Keilor  9.13-67

Under 11 Div 2 5.3-33 v Essendon Doutta Stars 4.8-32

Under 11 Div 5 4.4-28 v Strathmore 3.5-23

Essendon Doutta Stars 10.2-62 v Under 11 Div 8  1.1-7

Maribyrnong Park 24.20-164 v Under 11 Girls 0.0-0

Northern Saints 2.1.13 v Under 13 Div 2 9.7.61

Under 13 Div 6 11.8-74 v Maribyrnong Park 0.0.0

Under 13 Div 7 3.11.29 v Craigieburn 3.8.26

Under 13 Girls  2.3-15 v Craigieburn 8.6-54

Maribyrnong Park 8.8-56 v Under 15 Div 2 12.7-79       

St Francis  4.0-24 v Under 15 Girls 2.2-14

Aberfeldie 10.7-67 v Under 17 Div 1 11.8-74

Under 17 Div 4 2.5-17  v Taylors Lakes 18.12-120

Under 18 Girls 4.4-28 v Westmeadows  4.10-34