Pascoe Vale Sports Club Centenary Census

We want to know about Pacco People

As part of our centenary celebrations and establishing our legacy for the next 100 years, we want to know more about the people in our club: who you are, what you think about the club and what you want from the club!

The survey below is designed to capture important information about you as members that will be shared with our Board and committees to shape our ongoing development as a club and desire to meet the needs of our members. 

It will also form part of our history as a club, marking who we were in 2018.

This survey is completely anonymous in the hope that you share your honest thoughts as our members. 

How do we rate?
How do we rate?
Using this scale below, how does the Club rate on the following attributes:
Inclusive - a place for everyone
Professional - well run, good leadership
A leading club - the place to play football or cricket in the area
About you:
What gender are you?
Where do you fit in:
Which group best describes your current involvement in the club?
How do you contribute:
Which statement applies the most to you?
How diverse are we:
Do you fit into any of the following groups?
How long have you lived in the Pascoe Vale and surrounding area?
Please share with us any other comments about the club, its operations or leadership. We value your thoughts and comments.