Kyabram Legend Liam Ogden Joins the Panthers

I am excited to announce that 26 year old Liam Ogden will be joining us in 2019 from Kyabram FC.

Liam’s record speaks for itself and I have outlined that below, from my perspective Liam was a high priority target for 2019 and someone I have followed over recent years in Kyabram.

Liam is a very smart footballer with great game awareness and will be a tremendous leader for our midfield group and team as a whole. Liam has been a central part of one of local footballs incredible success stories being part of 62 consecutive wins at Kyabram and he has shown great loyalty to that club and we are very lucky to get access to his winning experience and leadership, he will be an important part of building our culture of sustained success.

A warm welcome to Liam.

Liam’s Record:


187 games for Kyabram

2x B and F

4 x RU B and F

3 x Premiership player

5x GVFL interleague rep

6 x GVFL team of the year

Only Ky player to play in all 62 games of the record breaking winning streak.

Liam Ogden 2.jpg
Digby Morrell