Under 19 Coaching Panel Announced for 2019

I am happy to announce what I think is the most important coaching panel at the club being the Under 19’s program.

Tommy Murdoch and Vinny Campisi are to be Co-Coaches with Jamie Dunlop providing a mentoring role for the coaches and players which is very exciting for the club.

As a club we want to provide these young men with the best learning environment possible.

Our aims are to:

  1. Help develop these young men into better people on and off the field.

  2. Keep them excited about the game of Aussie Rules in a period of their lives with lots of competing and emerging interests.

  3. Provide the players with a genuine pathway into an enjoyable and successful career in the Senior Football ranks.

This is a very big ask and that is why we have gone with a coaching panel approach and asked Jamie Dunlop to help mentor the coaches and players during this critical phase for both on and off the field challenges and we thank Jamie for this.

The Under 19 Coaching panel will work hand in glove with the senior program training with the senior group all the way through to March 2019 and we will be working hard to have an intimate knowledge of all the players 1 through 30 on the Under 19 playing list.

Tommy and Vinny are starting the process of contacting all of the players and working on getting the program designed and communicated to the players in the coming weeks.


Digby Morrell