Annual General Meeting 

Monday 12 November | 7.30pm 

Raeburn Reserve, Landells Road, Pascoe Vale

Club Plan for 2018/19

Part of the remit of the Board is to review and analyse the club, its performance and sustainability. Ahead of the 2018 AGM, we have undertaken this exercise and present to our members a Club Plan for 2019 that focuses on:

  • An improved and more efficient structure for the Club to meet current needs.

  • A plan to improve financial sustainability of the Club.

  • A new approach to the resourcing of the Club.

We now invite all of our members to read this plan and provide us with feedback, comments and questions. This is a plan for all the members of the Club, so we welcome all input.

View plan here

Copies will be available in the Club Rooms.

For more information or to provide feedback by Monday 2 October, please contact  Aislinn Breen, Deputy Chair on

Nominations for the Board

All positions for the Board are vacated annually, and Board members are appointed for the coming year from across both our football and cricket community.

If you would like to nominate for a board position, please complete the following form by 2 October and return to the address listed on the form.